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Focus on outdoor advertising, light boxes and materials engineering material sales, signage, film and television media, words and LED luminous characters, printing and packaging, optoelectronic engineering, screen printing, event planning, Blister light box signs, organic glass products, photo and other props.Shanghai deguang Advertising Co. Ltd. is a design, production, sales, distribution, installation as of the regular company. Mainly for enterprises and institutions, developers, high-end shopping malls, Gaestgiveriet Hotel, entertainment provide advertising services.


High quality raw materials, technical staff of professional, the professional new product development team, is a strong guarantee for our commitment to product and after sale service。 In order to meet customer demand, the company constantly improve the hardware equipment and services, expand service team, improve the professional quality, put a lot of manpower, material resources。 Company to market research and brand strategy and brand design unifies, has formed a set of perfect, efficient operation brand design system。

  • Customer Name:大润发超市
  • Customer Name:环龙通信市场
  • Customer Name:健康教育管理中心
  • Customer Name:昆山爱丽纺织品苹果彩票网
  • Customer Name:临汾路街道社区卫生服务中心
  • Customer Name:上海市税务学校
  • Customer Name:上海市徐汇区人民武装部
  • Customer Name:闸北区牙防所
  • Customer Name:招商物流
  • Customer Name:中国出入境检验检疫局
  • Customer Name:2014年国际展览会
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